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About 2 years ago, we started with an idea – what if there was a way to convert
(quickly and easily) all the wonderful movies and tv shows into a readable format,
into picture books, into comic books?

The idea consumed us, and its applications were enormous – for eg. just giving kids
a new way to read the content that they also watched online, seemed like
a wonderful concept. That summer, ComicFlix was born.

Ever since, a team of passionate entrepreneurs, technologists, artists, storytellers
and advisors have come together to create the world's first automated
video-to-comic platform and we are on a mission to storify all the
content you love to watch, one video at a time.

Meet the team

Olyvia Rakshit
Mark Halstead
Consulting CTO
Upkar Kumar
Chitranjan Kumar
Sonia Liao
Hector Miray

Our Advisors

Santosh Sharan
Ben Lyon
Amit Akhouri