Discover net new revenue source from
existing movies, tv series and videos

The ComicFlix engine enables content producers to easily and efficiently transform images and videos into high-quality digital comics.


Create new revenue sources

Open up new ways to monetize your existing video content by transforming them into graphic novels

Drive customer activation

Activate new customers with a unique, cost-effective content format when you're launching or promoting a new product

Extend your content's lifespan

Breathe new life into old video content by transforming it into a beautiful visual story quickly and efficiently


We offer two ways for you to turn your still and video content into vibrant visual stories


You create the video, we do the rest. Send us your content, and our team of engineers and artists will quickly comicize it for you


You control the comicization engine yourself with our powerful desktop platform powered by ComicFlix

Put ComicFlix in your utility belt POW!

From Screen to Page

Whether you send your content to us, or use our desktop FlixPro tool, the ComicFlixengine automatically transforms images and video into quality visual stories at scale.The process is simple:

Send us your video or still images, or use our FlixPro tool


Our proprietary ComicFlix engine quickly transforms your content into high-quality comic-style art


The audio track from the video is automatically extracted and placed as speech bubbles in your comic-style visual story


Delight your audience with a beautiful, brand-new content format

Use ComicFlix to

Create Family-Friendly Content

Extend kid-friendly film
properties into a format that's
not only entertaining, but
helps foster a love of reading

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Energize Content

Have a piece of video
content lying around
collecting dust? Give it new
life–in a visual story form

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Activate Customers

Agencies can use
ComicFlix to create a whole
new content category for
their clients

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